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*The following information is the installation guidelines Mbrico recommends when installing the Mbrico Tile Deck system. Installation guidelines are the steps Mbrico recommends to insure a successful application. Ultimately, the purchaser and the onsite installer are responsible for ensuring proper installation.

**Mbrico recommends that consumers contact a qualified carpentry crew in their area prior to placing an order to ensure all measurements, order quantities and installation are done accurately. Mbrico is a tile decking product manufacturer and tile distributor. All installations are done by a third party tile setter of the consumer’s choice.

Verify that your deck framing and structure has been framed properly. The frame of your deck, including footings, lumber, grade, quality and attachment to any structure should meet or exceed all local and national codes. All fasteners, hangers and tie-downs should be in place, fastened properly and be compatible with other products as well as any applicable codes and manufacturers specifications. As your Mbrico deck will outlast other conventional surface products, the deck should be flashed properly to the structure using long-term products. It is important that your substructure last as long if possible.

Follow the layout that was used to order your Mbrico deck surface materials if possible. Your layout will minimize the cuts and partial tile locations to less obvious areas of the decks just as you would with plastic or wood deck surface materials. In some respects, layout of your new deck is similar to laying interior tile. You will need to plan ahead for stairways, angle areas and partial rows. Also, you will plan for the fastening of your handrails and the size of the corresponding finished edge material you may use. This again, is similar to building a deck surface using conventional surface products. The Mbrico deck should be planned and installed with greater care, as it will outlast other deck products and have no maintenance requirements other than an occasional cleaning.

The Mbrico deck surface application will add 1 5/8" to the top of the framing height. You will want to set the height of your deck accordingly. The Mbrico deck also adds a total weight of 10.5 pounds per square foot to your existing deck.

Verify the deck frame is at least 1 5/8” below adjoining doorway thresholds or other clearance obstructions.
Make sure the deck frame is square and relatively level. Any individual joists or framing surfaces that are crowned upward need to be planed down to the level of the entire deck framing height.
After the deck framing is leveled, place the protective tape provided with your order, at all points where the aluminum track will contact your deck joists. Make sure the adhesive side of the tape is evenly and securely applied with no wrinkles against the joist.
Place a single-sided rail according to your layout at your designated starting edge. Once you have positioned the track piece, pre-drill a hole using a 3/16” drill bit at all points where the rail will intersect the deck joists. Secure the track to the joist using the stainless steel screws provided. Snug securely. Do not over tighten causing track to warp. Make sure the track stays square to your deck.
Using a single tile as a spacer, place the tile groove over the male spline on your starting track. Place several tiles along the length of your track piece. These will serve as a guide for your next 2-sided track.
Lift the tile, sliding the next track into place sideways. Align the punched holes to your deck joist. Install 1 screw at each joist securely, but not over tightened.
Move any of your spacer tiles as necessary to place screws. Install all tiles in that row before starting on the next. Always check for square and parallel to structure and finish row.
Repeat steps 1-7 until last row. Then, using a single-sided track at the edge, slide final row of tiles in from the end.