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The Mbrico ventilated over concrete system is designed for application directly above concrete surfaces. This system is different than adhesive or grout installation, as it allows for free drainage. This is particularly important to prevent cracking during frost cycles. The system is different than the Mbrico decking system as it is applied over concrete rather than deck framing. This application is suitable for pre- or post-stressed concrete balconies, garage floors, hotel & multifamily balconies, patios on grade, or concrete roofs with low thresholds not allowing for the height of a pedestal.

Make sure concrete surface is clean and dry. This product is designed to be applied over bare concrete with no previous finish or treatment. Please contact Mbrico for alternative installation methods if concrete is not bare.
Lay out tile placement using Mbrico low profile track for this application. It’s similar to tile layout, with a typical grout application.
Mark track layout on concrete. Then, spray track locations with 3M Rubber and Vinyl 80 spray approximately 2”-3” (5-7.6 cm) wide and let dry. This is a sealer for the following tape application to provide adhesion to surface with the porosity of the concrete.
Then carefully apply the double-sided 2” wide 3M VHB tape to the bottom of the aluminum Mbrico tracks. Leave tape covering on concrete side on until all tiles of that row are in place and the Mbrico track is snug in the tile groove.
Remove tape covering and press into concrete, lining up with spray. Continue one row at a time following 3M guidelines.
Repeat this placement procedure with low profile Mbrico T-Track until the last row of tile has been installed.
Finish the tile field by installing the final low profile Mbrico L-Track on the finish perimeter.
Place aluminum track on 3M tape after tiles are in place, similar to laying a wood floor. Use caution as the 3M tape is very adhesive and creates the bond quickly.
Lay 1 row at a time. Ensure Mbrico tracks run the same direction as concrete slope to allow proper drainage.
If tiles need to be cut during the installation process, re-groove tile where necessary for track installation using Mbrico router bit.