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For patio or walkway applications on top of rock, gravel or sand, Mbrico recommends that the consumer consults with an experienced landscaping company in their area prior to placing an order to ensure proper measurements, ordering and installation.
Mbrico's ability to distribute porcelain stoneware that can compliment your Mbrico Tile Deck is a distinct advantage of ordering tile from our company. For information regarding grout, adhesive or concrete applications of the Mbrico surface for projects such as a pool apron, patio, garage or interior floor, Mbrico recommends that the consumer contacts an experienced tile setter in their area prior to ordering to ensure proper measurements, order quantities and installation.
For raised frame deck projects consumers should contact Mbrico directly to insure proper measurements, quantities and order placing. After an order is placed, the consumer can then contact a carpenter or industry professional in their area for installation. In addition to the provided installation guidelines, if your installer needs assitance with measuring or installation they are welcome to contact Mbrico at 844-449-9214.
Your deck surface will be made from high quality Italian porcelain stoneware tiles.
Your Mbrico Tile Deck surface has a skid resistance rating with footwear or bare feet under wet or dry conditions. Please refer to the information tab for additional technical details.
No, A qualified carpenter or deck company will need to verify the existing condition of your deck framing and construction, then comply with the installation requirements for Mbrico Tile Decks and the required building code for your location.
An Mbrico Tile Deck order includes surface tiles, track system, protective tape and stainless steel screws for track to frame attachment. Tile steps can be added to any order for an additional cost. All other materials including, but not limited to, railing, skirt boards, risers, lath etc. would not be included.
Mbrico Tile Deck systems weigh roughy 10.2 pounds per square foot above joists. The system is designed for standard code framing. All decks should be checked for code compliance before installation of Mbrico.